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Constant ESD Monitor

Monitors Wrist Strap plus Person plus ESD Mat

CM-1700 Constant ESD Monitor
CM-1702 Constant ESD Monitor
CM-1701 Features:
  • 100% continuous monitoring
  • Works with standard one conductor wrist straps/cords
  • New technology -capacitance/impedance hyper technology
  • NIST calibration included with certificate
  • Visual LED, audio piezo sound
  • AC powered or 9 volt battery operated
  • Off/On switch
  • Set points can be adjusted for impedance of wrist straps, capacitance of person and resistance of mats
  • Works extremely well with Ultimat ESD Rubber except Ultimat White


  • Size: 3 in x 2.75 in x 1 in.
  • Mounting: hook/loop and screws.
  • Safe limits: .75-1.2 megohms. Inpedance can be adjusted according to weight and size of operator.
  • Fail limits: Below .75 megohms and over 1.3 megohms.
  • Visual alarm: red-fail, pass-green.
  • Audio alarm: piezo buzzer.
  • Operation:
    - active when switch tuned on.
    - Inactive when power switch turned off, cord on docking snap, wrist strap on and green piezo on.
    - Wrist straps connected to ground even if monitor turned off.
    - Trigger impedance not changed by change of incoming voltage.
  • Power: 110 volts or 9 volts battery with low power LED.
  • Socket: banana plug.