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■Square shape wide lens
The distortion at the corner of the square wide lens is removed so that it becomes easier to look at object.
The optical glass of SCHOTT (Germany) is used as lens material.

■The lens cover which raises safety
When you don't use the magnifying glass, close the slide type lens cover to avoid dust and unintended burning caused by the focusing of light.

■Stable light
Since the inverter electronic stabilizer is used, There is almost nolight flicker.

■Various uses
・Expansion of the character which is hard to read
・Handmade business, such as a hobby craft
・Easy visual inspection

・Lamp :FPL27W
・Power supply :AC100V50-60HZ
・Lens :2×Angle lens(144×108mm)Optical glass lens
・Head :290×210mm With a slide formula lens cover
・Arm full length :1,000mm(Distance from a clamp to a lens)
・Clamp :15~60mm
・Color :Off-white
・Weight :2.5㎏