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Model DLK

●Features of the DC lighting system
The high frequency flickering and radiation noise coming from the fluorescent lamp are considered to be one of the reasons of stress, after working a long time under the conventional microscope. DLK series adopts the DC lighting system that reduces loud noise created by the fluorescent lamp of high frequency flickering.  Thus reduces the effect not only to the eye but also; to the ear and brain. Also as DC voltage is applied to the lamp in DC lighting system, the light flux is constant after switched on. Because of this the flickering is largely reduced and it can realize the light source that is gentler to the eye. 

The most suitable light for the human eye is sunlight.
Try DC lighting system DLK series that is almost identical to sunlight
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Noise less
The radiation noise created by the fluorescent lamp is largely reduced. The high frequency noise that is harmful to human and the electronic equipment is suppressed.
Reduce fatigue
Compared to the conventional magnifying glass with lightning, the flickering of the fluorescent lamp is almost zero, reduces the large burden to the eye.
・Sunlight: continuation light
・Stabilizer : 50~60Hz
・Inverter : several 10kHz
・DC lighting system: continuation light
●Fluorescent lamp : FCL20EX-N
Continuously variable dimmer: :The amount of light of the fluorescent lamp  can be controlled.
●Input voltage : AC100V 50/60Hz
●Color of a main body : Dark metallic gray

Lineup of DLK series

※Magnification lens 2,3,4,6,8,10,12are available for all machine type.
(inverter+light adjuster attached.Iuminance 100%→40%)
(specifications for optical round lens)

Exchange lens list
Model image
Model image