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WIDEVIEW Stand Magnifying Glass

It can be applied for appearance test, magnified observation and precision work. The ultra wide lens with the magnification about 2x and high transparency is combined with 4x and 7x lenses. The dimension of the wide lens is 145mm x 110mm and the diameter of the high magnification lens is 30mm and 25mm. The lens material is made of hard, high class plastic.  Coated with hard coat making it difficult to damage. When not in use it can be folded into A5 size, making it very convenient to carry.

・Specification Magnification and dimension 145×110mm Rectangle lens About×2
φ30mm Circular lens ×4
φ25mm Circular lens ×7
Lens: Optical plastics,
Main body: Steel,Light alloy metal,Plastics
Dimension (unit : mm) 160×205×45 (when folded)
Weight 1.9kg(Main body)