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Soldering Iron tip Thermometer UNI-SENSOR701A

By using soldering iron tip sensor which has been specifically designed for soldering iron tips(UNI-9), temperature of a soldering iron tip can be precisely measured.
Measuring range: Normal temperature to +500 degree Celsius
Suitable for measuring temperature of soldering iron tips

Sensor type:UNI-9 Measuring tip temperature

Easy to use

Directly connecting sensor and main unit.
Accurate readout through digital display system.
Quick response allows you to perform work speedily.

Accurate temperature measurement
Automatic cold junction compensating circuits for high precision.

Various sensors according to application.
Extension compensating wire used enables appropriate use of UNI-SENSOR 701A according to the type of application.
UNI series sensors comprising a group of many sensor applicable to various applications

Surface sensor
Temperature Range:-50~+200°C

A constant contact pressure secured by the spring mechanism allows precise measurement of surface temperature (FE sheet metal, PC board, IC, etc.).

Surface sensor

Sticker type sensor
Temperature Range:-30~+200°C

Use the sensor by fixing at measurement location with heat resistant tape (FE PC boards).

Sticker type sensor

Internal temperature sensor
Temperature Range-100~+500°C

The sensor is capable of measuring the temperature of solder in solder baths.

Internal temperature sensor

Soldering iron tip sensor
Temperature Range:Nomal~+500°C

The sensor is capable of precise temperature measurement at the tip of soldering irons.

Soldering iron tip sensor

Sheathe type temperature sensor

500mm×f2.3internal temperature sensor. The sensor is ideal for measuring the internal temperature of Solder Wire Pre-Heater.

Sheathe type temperature sensor/UNI-15B
Extension compensating

Extension compensating

The extension cable is convenient for temperature measurement at elevated or narrow locations.

Extension compensating
Example of application

Measuring surface of solder pod


Measuring internal solder temperature in solder pod

Measureing the component's temperature
1, Standard Soldering iron tip set
  • Storage case
  • Main unit(UNI-120)
  • Iron tip sensor(UNI-9)
2, Full option set


Set includes storage case, main unit, Extension cable UNI-4 and sensors below
Sensors included: UNI-1,UNI-2,UNI-8A,UNI-9

3, Soldering iron tip and Solder pod measurement set


The set includes storage case, main unit and sensors below.

Model UNI-120
Input TYPE/K(CA)
Resolution 0.1°C(in-99~199.9°C)/1°C(in200°C~1200°C)
Accuracy ±0.5%,±0.1°C to a readout
Power source 9V, 006P Alkaline battery
Operating time Approx. 100hours
Operating enviroment 0~40°C/20~85%RH
Weight of main unit Approx. 180g(Including battery)
Outline dimensions W:187×H:42×D:24