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New! FLIR™ i5



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A small infrared revolution

The FLIR™ i5 is the most compact, lightweight and easy-to-use infrared camera of its class that is currently available on the market.

All you have to do is just point and click to see the heat variations in the environment around you – and find exactly what you are looking for. No matter if you repair fuses, install windows, insulation or heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems.

See what you’ve been missing
The Infrared imagery is immediately and clearly visible on a full-colour display. You can save your readings as an image for later reference. The combination of advanced Infrared technology and modern digital imaging will make your building and maintenance inspections, as well as damage estimation, a lot easier.


The FLIR™ i5 visualizes heat differences. Heat, or infrared radiation, is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible to the human eye. Infrared radiation (IR) is emitted by every object above a temperature of -273°C. Every object – both living and inanimate – gives off heat as long as its temperature is above absolute zero or -273°C. That means even AC installations and ice cubes.

The human eye cannot detect infrared radiation, but an infrared camera can. It can take pictures of objects to show the amount of heat they are emitting. Such pictures consist of a map of colors that show surface temperatures of the object.

An infrared camera is thus an invaluable diagnostic tool in a variety of industries and applications, as it can detect abnormally hot or cold areas or components. In other words, you can detect problems that are not normally visible with the naked eye.

Infrared at work
Infrared cameras help many industries, sectors, companies, institutions, technicians and workmen finding what they are looking for and solving their problems. Faults, leaks, damages – anything that emits differentiated heat signatures – and in all types of situations and environments.

Our Infrared cameras are ideal to

• Detect hidden problems
• Assess damages
• Survey moisture and leaks
• Identify energy losses and poor insulation
• Find electrical faults and overheating